When you need a win…

I’ve been talking to people lately about those times when you just need a win. Well, not people. Me, I’ve been talking to myself, a lot, about this topic.

You deserve a WIN.

You know the feeling. Those days, weeks, months, where nothing happens for long, long stretches of time. I think it’s a common stay at home mom malady. Yes, you’re raising children and that’s important. You love them and everything is going great, they eat well, and they sometimes have manners. But, let’s face it, you really don’t know how that project is going to turn out for at least another 15 years. You should be happy with that and pleased. You are rocking as a mom. But there is a part of you, the non-mom part of you, that is still there under the yoga pants and ponytail that wants a win. The type of win you got when you were a working gal.

Slam dunk! IN YO FACE!

You know those days when you really killed it at the office? You gave a killer presentation to the VP. Or you got the entire contents of the back storage room out on to the sales floor, and everything was stocked and staged and beautiful? Or you captivated your classroom with a history lesson that entertained and educated? Or you led a yoga lesson that was so frickin’ zen you think half the class officially reached enlightenment?  Or you simply had a day at work that was so busy it felt like time flew, and when you got into your car you felt competent, needed, and empowered.

And I mean “competent, needed, and empowered” in a different way than it feels to be a mom. You’re competent, needed, and empowered as a mom. But let’s face it, it’s because you and I are the ones who know how to make the macaroni and cheese and can stop the shower from making that weird screeching sound.

Man, I want that feeling. I need that feeling.

I really want that feeling. I really need it. For my sanity, and for my sense of self-worth. I’m not quite sure how to get that feeling. I’m working on it though, and when I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate little victories, like getting my eyeliner to look on point every morning, and actually getting the folded laundry from the dryer to the proper drawers, and trying to not cook pasta like five days in a row.

Gotta start somewhere right?

Because I’m not a great photographer I rely on the talent of others. Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash. Thanks, Nik.