In praise of lazy parenting days…

Most days I’m that mom with the schedule. The one who is timing how much television my kid watches so it doesn’t exceed two hours. We eat healthy meals and we play outside. We read books, we play with toys. We go to daycare or the pool or the library…we’re busy, engaged, blah blah blah.

And then some days it all goes to hell, and there goes the schedule, folks. We eat Cheetos…lots of Cheetos. So many Cheetos. Okay, the whole damn bag of Cheetos. The tv is on for too long.  I’m on my phone looking at Instagram and Pinterest for longer than I should be. Side note: So many cute mason jar crafts that I’ll never do, but still, *swoon* at how adorbs they are.

It’s just a totally unstructured day and it’s perfect and gives us the mental break we need.

Those types of days happen a couple times a month and I’ve stopped beating myself up about them.

You know those days where you go to work at the office (or remember back to when you worked at an office) and the whole day goes off the rails and you get zero done? You basically just socialize all day and at the end you’re like “What the hell just happened?”

Well, Cheetos and TV days are like that for stay at home parents.

Look, it’d be great if we could all be perfect parents, but we’re not. None of us are. We’re all striving for “perfect” – whatever that means. It’s exhausting. Sometimes I need a break from all of it and so does my kid. There are loads of completely unscientific articles (like this one, this one, and this kid-specific one) explaining the benefits of a lazy day.

Next time you’re having a lazy day, roll with it. No guilt. No worries. Just Cheetos and pajamas and sitting on the couch with your littles. Just do it. Or, rather, just don’t do anything.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash