Goalpaper: You’re plenty sweet!

What do you put on your smartphone lock screen? Pictures of your kids? Cool scenery? Cute designs? I put my goals on my lock screen, because I’m constantly looking at the damn thing, so I may as well make good use of it.

Whenever I make my goalpapers (goals + wallpaper = goalpaper! wahoo!) I try to make them say something that’s meaningful to me but really doesn’t mean much to anyone else who may glance at my phone. You know, snoopy people.

Lately, I’ve been trying to eat less sugar. I went on a bender for most of April and May. And June and July. Okay, I basically have been living life as a human chipper-shredder of all things sugar. I let myself eat whatever, and now I’m sitting here in shorts that are just a bit snug and I don’t appreciate the wedgie. I know that when I stick to the World Health Organization suggestion of 25 grams of sugar a day or less, I stay at a healthy weight. (Technically the recommendation is 10% of your intake of calories should come from sugar, or between 25 and 50 grams.)

My goalpaper this week is a reminder that I’m plenty sweet without more sugar. I hope you find it to be a good reminder too!

I made this cute iPhone 6 wallpaper using Canva. You can click on the image below to download it for your phone.

Featured image thanks to Gili Benita on Unsplash
iPhone 6 wallpaper/goalpaper by me, Christine, using Canva.